Shop update and exciting news!

Hello dear Earthlings! ^^


It’s a very busy period in the world of Sora Origins. After three years of wonderful moments, we have to leave our beloved home at the end of the month. We’re traveling to France to work on a project plan for two shops on Kali Mela 2017! One will be a food shop, probably done by wonderful friends of ours that are currently working on their food truck, the other one will be filled with Sora Origins products and probably things made by others.

To be able to work on that and to make everything a bit more easy, I’m temporarily closing the webshop on this website. Instead, I’ll upload some new creations on my Etsy page. At the time I launch it, I’ll post this both here and on my Facebook page.

Custom orders might be possible, you can send me an email at or through the contact form on this website.

Exciting times await us, we’re looking forward to all awesome things we’re up to this year! Adventure for sure! :)


Love and Light,

Sora Origins