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Sora Origins stopt als eenmanszaak!

Ja, dat is even een apart nieuwtje…

Ik heb besloten om mijn eenmanszaak stop te zetten. De inkomsten die ik nu genereer zijn zo miniem dat ik vanaf nu enkel zal verkopen via mijn Etsy, waar je geen KvK-nummer voor nodig hebt. Dit scheelt een heleboel papierwerk en gedoe, en eerlijk gezegd beperkte dat mijn creatieve flow nogal. Ik verkoop graag, en ik zeg niet dat ik nooit meer een echt bedrijfje wil, maar op dit moment wegen de voordelen niet op tegen de nadelen.

Dit betekent dus niet dat ik niets meer zal maken en verkopen, het betekent wel dat ik deze website gebruik als visitekaartje/portfolio en dingen verkoop via Etsy.


We zullen zien hoe dit verder gaat! :)

Cimi van Sora Origins

Shop update and exciting news!

Hello dear Earthlings! ^^


It’s a very busy period in the world of Sora Origins. After three years of wonderful moments, we have to leave our beloved home at the end of the month. We’re traveling to France to work on a project plan for two shops on Kali Mela 2017! One will be a food shop, probably done by wonderful friends of ours that are currently working on their food truck, the other one will be filled with Sora Origins products and probably things made by others.

To be able to work on that and to make everything a bit more easy, I’m temporarily closing the webshop on this website. Instead, I’ll upload some new creations on my Etsy page. At the time I launch it, I’ll post this both here and on my Facebook page.

Custom orders might be possible, you can send me an email at or through the contact form on this website.

Exciting times await us, we’re looking forward to all awesome things we’re up to this year! Adventure for sure! :)


Love and Light,

Sora Origins

We’re back!

Dear earthlings,

we planned on opening up the webshop after december 19th, but have been very busy with life so it took us a little longer. We’re back now, and I’m soon uploading some new mushroom pendants and I’m going to start working on some projects that have already been in my head for a while.

Also, I’ll be taking commissions/orders for (custom) monster hats, so send me a message through the contact form (see top menu) if you want to have one!

Thanks to everyone that came to visit us at the christmas market at Ruigoord, we had a blast.


Here’s an impression of what we’ve been doing in the last months:


Hugs,✧*ૢ(ᵕεᵕ ॢ)
Sora Origins

Soon back in stock!

Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Pendant

The Amanita Muscaria pendants I made flew out of my house in less than 2 weeks. Thank all of you that got one :) I’m very happy to hear all of your positive feedback!

I’ll restock somewhere in the next week. Also, I’m plotting a giveaway for one of them, sssshh. ^^

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love and Light,
Joeke from Sora Origins

PS: I do have the Amanita Muscaria earrings still for sale! Get ‘em here:

Tiny Amanita Muscaria Earrings

Sora’s Tiny Pirate Shop

I just found a picture of our little pirate shop at Space Safari festival last may.

Sora at Space Safari

We sold customized UV grinders, lighter leashes, dreadlock beads and chillum/sunglass pouches. Also we gave away free glass tubes for those who needed them for some reason :).

The pouches will be uploaded some day soon. They come with a clasp to attach to your pants, hip bag or other places. Lined with soft fleece, they will keep your treasures protected!

Stuff’s rollin’!

Heya everyone!

Since I quit my job as a show cook to focus more on myself and my creativeness, I have mostly been busy having fun in the sun with my love. ;) Now it’s time to start up this little business and add more and more items to the webshop. In the upcoming months I’ll put clothing, jewelry and other items up for sale here.

These little mushroom pendants are traveling all the way over the ocean as we speak. :)

See you soon!
Love & Light,
Joeke (Cimi Miquitzl)

New items added!

Hey everyone!

I finally used my time to upload the Mayan Solar Seal (Tzolkin) patches on the webshop. They are handmade and machine wash safe. I added a soft fleece edge so they are easy to sew on using needle and thread or a sewing machine.


All patches are made after ordering. It takes me around 1 – 2 weeks to make a patch and send it to you. If you want a custom made one with (for example) your tone added, send me a message through the contact form in the top menu explaining what you want exactly. I am still figuring out a way to add this as an extra option to the product pages. :)

… it’s been a while :) !

Hi beautiful earthlings!

Our webshop has been empty for almost two years, but recently I’ve been very busy creating a lot of new items and although I love our physical shop more, we’re definitely gonna fill up those empty webshop pages with some new handmade clothes and accessories again.

But first…


On march 18 we’ll be having our shop at the Gaia’s Platform party ‘Neon Whirlpool – the Venus Edition‘ in the Badhuistheater in Amsterdam-Oost. We’ll be revealing our new collection there, so come check it out!

I also made the flyer for them, what do you think? :)